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mining NewYorkCoin for FREE using your own website

HOST n MINE (also known as HnM) has been providing website hosting services is Delaware for almost 4 years started in 2013. Our company (previously known as GlobalTek Digital LLC) consist of server and network specialist whose previously work with AT&T and RackSpace. With the right combinations of staff and a small team of blockchain expert, we are trying to make a difference in website hosting business. Right now we are changing our business model to includes a solution for Blockchain and it's supporting technology.

We have also developed a solution to merge mining a NYC Coin on specific website hosted on our platform in which it benefits our clientele. Your website hosting rented with us will be automatically includes our proprietary toolkit on the backend which generate a minimal mining algorithm hashpower. This mining hashpower were designed to mine NewYorkCoin (NYC) based PoW cryptocurrency. All mining profits from this toolkit will be send directly to client own wallet on weekly basis.